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Effects of Understory Vegetation Management on Brood Habitat for Northern Bobwhites
Abstract Northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) populations have experienced severe declines for several decades, and declines have been particularly precipitous in the southern United States. TheseExpand
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Effects of a Fixed‐Crest Weir on Brown Shrimp Penaeus aztecus Growth, Mortality, and Emigration in a Louisiana Coastal Marsh
Abstract We investigated the effects of water-control weirs on growth, emigration, and mortality of brown shrimp. Juvenile brown shrimp were captured, marked, and released in two shallowwater marshExpand
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Juvenile White Shrimp Growth, Mortality, and Emigration in Weired and Unweired Louisiana Marsh Ponds
Abstract To study effects of marsh weirs on shrimp ecology, over 6,000 juvenile white shrimp Penaeus setiferus were marked with fluorescent pigments and released into two coastal Louisiana marshExpand
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Fascioliasis in cattle in Louisiana: development of a system to predict disease risk by climate, using the Thornthwaite water budget.
A system correlating climate with the annual risk of fascioliasis in cattle in central Louisiana was developed, using the Thornthwaite water budget and a 6-year data base that included records onExpand
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The Link between Recycling and Litter
The purpose of our research was to determine whether residential recycling programs introduced an additional benefit-reduced litter. We evaluated the proposition that such programs should impart toExpand
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Soil fertility and plant growth in soils from pine forests and plantations: Effect of invasive red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta (Buren)
Summary Through nest building and foraging activities, ants alter physical properties and nutritional status of soils through structural modifications and nutrient accumulation. In turn, theseExpand
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A New Method of Estimating Gillnet Selectivity, with an Example for Spotted Seatrout, Cynocion nehulosus
This study proposes a new method of estimating the selectivity of gill nets. Using data on the distribution of fish lengths from the catches of various meshes in an experimental gill net, a system ofExpand
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Biological applications of the SAS system: an overview
The SAS system provides biologists with a flexible, easy to use software package for data analysis. Through a combination of data management tools, a wide variety of pre-programmed procedures forExpand
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Analysis of Environmental Factors Influencing Salinity Patterns, Oyster Growth, and Mortality in Lower Breton Sound Estuary, Louisiana, Using 20 Years of Data
ABSTRACT La Peyre, M.K.; Geaghan, J.; Decossas, G., and La Peyre, J.F., 2016. Analysis of environmental factors influencing salinity patterns, oyster growth, and mortality in lower Breton SoundExpand
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Spotted Seatrout Distribution in Four Coastal Louisiana Estuaries
Abstract We analyzed experimental gill-net catches of spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus at 28 stations in various estuarine habitats over 3 years (1988–1990). Cluster analysis indicated that theExpand
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