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Many sponges are known to synthesize secondary metabolites sho— wing a great diversity of structures and of biological activities. Further— more, the same sponge species, although sessile, exposed to(More)
This book is a sequel to "Anatomy of the laboratory rat", published in 1976 by Williams and Wilkins Co (Baltimore). The plan remains the Same, but a chapter on embryology has been added to the 13(More)
The authors report 74 cases of recent traumatic diaphragmatic ruptures found among 617 patients with multiple injuries. 69 patients were diagnosed immediately by X-rays in each case and abdominal(More)
  • J. P. C.
  • Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy
  • 2005
A gross anatomical study was made of the human elbow. Three very small muscles were found that are not described in contemporary anatomical publications. A lateral tensor muscle of the annular(More)
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