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Governing education through data in England: from regulation to self‐evaluation
This paper explores the relationship between changing forms of the governance of education and the growth and uses of data in the context of England – a context that can be described as the mostExpand
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Undergraduate Non‐Completion: Developing an Explanatory Model
This paper presents an explanatory model of undergraduate non-completion based, primarily, on the findings of a qualitative case study. Previous research in the field of non-completion is brieflyExpand
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National policy brokering and the construction of the European Education Space in England, Sweden, Finland and Scotland
This paper draws on a comparative study of the growth of data and the changing governance of education in Europe. It looks at data and the ‘making’ of a European Education Policy Space, with a focusExpand
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Travelling and embedded policy: the case of knowledge transfer
Knowledge transfer (KT) has entered the higher education arena in the UK as the ‘third sector’ of higher education activity—along with research and teaching. Its antecedents lie in theExpand
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Globalisation, education policy and politics
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Education and nationalism: the discourse of education policy in Scotland
The paper draws on critical discourse analysis to examine and discuss some of the key developments in the governing of education in Scotland since the election of the Scottish National Party (SNP)Expand
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Policy Research and Policy Theory: a comment on Fitz and Halpin 1
This short paper was produced in response to David Halpin and John Fitz's ‘Researching Grant Maintained Schools’, which is seen as indicative of a trend within education policy research towards theExpand
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Governing knowledge: data, inspection and education policy in Europe
The article studies the replacement of bureacratic systems of command and control by networks based on technologies, where co-operation and co-ordination are constantly negotiated and regulated inExpand
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Modernizing the education workforce: a perspective from Scotland
This article argues that there are global pressures for modernization of the education workforce that produce broadly similar policy responses and pressures on the teaching profession. It suggests,Expand
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Nationalism, governance and policymaking in Scotland: The Scottish National Party (SNP) in power
This article explores policy development under the Scottish National Party (SNP) government, focusing on education policy. As a minority government the SNP needs to govern on the basis ofExpand
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