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Housing and Neighbourhood Challenges of Refugee Resettlement in Declining Inner City Neighbourhoods: A Winnipeg Case Study
Most refugees arriving in Winnipeg settle in the inner city, an area of substantive urban decline. The attraction of the area is the affordable, but poor quality, housing and proximity of serviceExpand
The role of housing and neighbourhood in the re-settlement process: a case study of refugee households in Winnipeg
Access to adequate, affordable housing is an essential first step in the re-settlement process for immigrants and refugees. It is the basis from which newcomers look for jobs, language training andExpand
The Roman Catacombs in the Middle Ages
L'uso medievale delle catacombe romane puo essere diviso in tre periodi distinti sulla base della loro funzione. Dal tempo di Costantino fino alla meta del VI secolo, le catacombe venivano usateExpand
Phraseology effects as a trigger for errors in L2 English: The case of more advanced learners
This chapter looks at four such errors – omission of 3rd person - s , inappropriate adverb placement, pluralized adjectives, and plural use of mass nouns – taken from two corpora of written productions by university level learners of English. Expand
Fluency, complexity and informativeness in native and non-native speech
It is suggested that fluent speakers are able to deliver content more efficiently through a combination of less hesitant speech and of lexical and syntactic choices that allow them to package information more economically. Expand
Adverb placement in post-intermediate learner English: a contrastive study of learner corpora
It is suggested that learners over-extend these patterns to include “lighter” NPs and “weaker” V-Adv collocations, and that non-canonical adverb placement is motivated by semantic and phraseological factors. Expand
Politics, diplomacy and the cult of relics in Venice and the northern Adriatic in the first half of the ninth century
In early medieval Europe the cult of the saints emerged as a prominent focus for the construction of political identity. Corporeal relics became objects of importance, conferring status on theirExpand
A Better Class of Person: An Autobiography, 1929-1956
This is the first instalment of John Osborne's autobiography that tells of his early life up to the writing of "Look Back in Anger".