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Cross-national prevalence and correlates of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Estimates of ADHD prevalence and correlates in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey Initiative should be considered more seriously in future epidemiological and clinical studies than is currently the case. Expand
Grading the severity of chronic pain
A Guttman scale analysis showed that pain intensity and disability measures formed a reliable hierarchical scale and may be useful when a brief ordinal measure of global pain severity is required. Expand
A validation study of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) in different groups of Dutch subjects.
The moderate PPV suggests that the HADS is best used as a screening questionnaire and not as a 'case-identifier' for psychiatric disorder or depression. Expand
Prevalence of mental disorders in Europe: results from the European Study of the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (ESEMeD) project
To describe the 12‐month and lifetime prevalence rates of mood, anxiety and alcohol disorders in six European countries, a large number of countries with high prevalence of these disorders have been surveyed. Expand
Prevalence, severity, and unmet need for treatment of mental disorders in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys.
Reallocation of treatment resources could substantially decrease the problem of unmet need for treatment of mental disorders among serious cases and careful consideration needs to be given to the value of treating some mild cases, especially those at risk for progressing to more serious disorders. Expand
The global burden of mental disorders: An update from the WHO World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys*
Adult mental disorders are found to be associated with such high role impairment in the WMH data that available clinical interventions could have positive cost-effectiveness ratios. Expand
Childhood adversities and adult psychopathology in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys
Background Although significant associations of childhood adversities with adult mental disorders are widely documented, most studies focus on single childhood adversities predicting singleExpand
Bullying and victimization in elementary schools: a comparison of bullies, victims, bully/victims, and uninvolved preadolescents.
It was found that not only victims and bully/victims but bullies as well were disliked and that parenting was unrelated to bullying and victimization once other factors were controlled. Expand
Prognostic Association of Depression Following Myocardial Infarction With Mortality and Cardiovascular Events: A Meta-analysis
Post-MI depression is associated with a 2- to 2.5-fold increased risk of impaired cardiovascular outcome and was more pronounced in the older studies than in the more recent studies. Expand
The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP): A Dimensional Alternative to Traditional Nosologies
The HiTOP promises to improve research and clinical practice by addressing the aforementioned shortcomings of traditional nosologies and provides an effective way to summarize and convey information on risk factors, etiology, pathophysiology, phenomenology, illness course, and treatment response. Expand