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Selective targeting of green fluorescent nanodiamond conjugates to mitochondria in HeLa cells.
Fluorescent cellular biomarkers play a prominent role in biosciences. Most of the available biomarkers have some drawbacks due to either physical and optical or cytotoxic properties. In view of this,Expand
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Non-covalent modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes: dispersion capabilities and interactions with bacteria
Antimicrobial activity of surfactant-modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) was investigated by analyzing the growth curves of an Escherichia coli (E. coli) population in ionic and non-ionicExpand
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Dielectrophoretic growth of platinum nanowires: concentration and temperature dependence of the growth velocity.
The growth velocity of platinum nanowires in an aqueous solution of K(2)PtCl(4) is investigated as a function of the metal complex concentration and temperature. The solution is specially prepared toExpand
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Light‐field‐characterization in a continuous hydrogen‐producing photobioreactor by optical simulation and computational fluid dynamics
Externally illuminated photobioreactors (PBRs) are widely used in studies on the use of phototrophic microorganisms as sources of bioenergy and other photobiotechnology research. In this work,Expand
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Biotechnological hydrogen production by photosynthesis
Microbiological photosynthesis is a promising tool for producing hydrogen in an ecologically friendly and economically efficient way. Certain microorganisms (e.g. algae and bacteria) can produceExpand
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High yield formation of lipid bilayer shells around silicon nanowires in aqueous solution.
The combination of nanoscaled materials and biological self-assembly is a key step for the development of novel approaches for biotechnology and bionanoelectronic devices. Here we propose a route toExpand
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Parallel manipulation of bifunctional DNA molecules on structured surfaces using kinesin-driven microtubules.
We have developed a technique to manipulate bifunctional DNA molecules: One end is thiolated to bind to a patterned gold surface and the other end is biotinylated to bind to a microtubule glidingExpand
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Parallel arrays of Schottky barrier nanowire field effect transistors: Nanoscopic effects for macroscopic current output
AbstractWe present novel Schottky barrier field effect transistors consisting of a parallel array of bottom-up grown silicon nanowires that are able to deliver high current outputs. AxialExpand
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Schottky barrier-based silicon nanowire pH sensor with live sensitivity control
We demonstrate a pH sensor based on ultrasensitive nanosize Schottky junctions formed within bottom-up grown dopant-free arrays of assembled silicon nanowires. A new measurement concept relying on aExpand
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