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Genome mapping of seed-borne allergens and immunoresponsive proteins in wheat
A comprehensive analysis of variation in genes and gene expression of allergens and immunoresponsive proteins in wheat establishes a new reference map for immunostimulatory wheat proteins and provides a fresh basis for selecting wheat lines and developing diagnostics for products with more favorable consumer attributes.
Characterization of the first two viruses described from wild populations of hammer orchids (Drakaeaspp.) in Australia
Two virus isolates infecting wild plants of two members of the genus Drakaea (hammer orchids) in Western Australia are described and are proposed to have an ancient association with their orchid hosts.
Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus and Pelargonium zonate spot virus co‐infect a wild plant of red‐striped tailflower in Australia
This study provides further evidence that PZSV is present in wild plants in Australia, in this casean indigenous host species, and possible routes by which it invaded Australia are discussed, and it is suggested that YTMMV has the potential to become a pathogen of commercialspecies of Solanaceae.
A novel member of the Tombusviridae from a wild legume, Gompholobium preissii
The proposed virus, named Gompholobium virus A, and TLV1 are genetically closest to viruses in the genera Alphacarmovirus and Pelarspovirus, family Tombusviridae, but they share features distinguishing them from both groups.
In bed with viruses: The partnership between orchids, fungi and viruses
The richness and uniqueness of viruses found in this study are likely a reflection of the orchid and fungal diversity of the region, itself a consequence of over 25 million years of relative geological and climatic stability.