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Platensimycin is a selective FabF inhibitor with potent antibiotic properties
Bacterial infection remains a serious threat to human lives because of emerging resistance to existing antibiotics. Although the scientific community has avidly pursued the discovery of newExpand
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A Potent Synthetic LXR Agonist Is More Effective than Cholesterol Loading at Inducing ABCA1 mRNA and Stimulating Cholesterol Efflux*
The LXR nuclear receptors are intracellular sensors of cholesterol excess and are activated by various oxysterols. LXRs have been shown to regulate multiple genes of lipid metabolism, including ABCA1Expand
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L-696,474, a novel cytochalasin as an inhibitor of HIV-1 protease. III. Biological activity.
L-696,474, an inhibitor of the HIV-1 protease, was discovered in extracts of the fungal culture Hypoxylon fragiforme (MF5511; ATCC 20995). L-696,474 is a novel cytochalasin with a molecular weight ofExpand
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Isolation, structure, and absolute stereochemistry of platensimycin, a broad spectrum antibiotic discovered using an antisense differential sensitivity strategy.
Fatty acids are essential for survival of bacteria and are synthesized by a series of enzymes including the elongation enzymes, beta-ketoacyl acyl carrier protein synthase I/II (FabF/B). InhibitionExpand
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Novel antinematodal and antiparasitic agents from Penicillium charlesii. I. Fermentation, isolation and biological activity.
Paraherquamide and six novel analogs were isolated from the fermentation of Penicillium charlesii (ATCC 20841). All seven natural products displayed potent antinematodal activity againstExpand
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Coniothyrione, a chlorocyclopentandienylbenzopyrone as a bacterial protein synthesis inhibitor discovered by antisense technology.
Bacterial protein synthesis inhibitors interact mainly with rRNA and to some extent ribosomal proteins, which are potential targets for developing new antibacterial agents. Specifically, theExpand
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Hinnuliquinone, a C2-symmetric dimeric non-peptide fungal metabolite inhibitor of HIV-1 protease.
HIV-1 protease is one of several key enzymes required for the replication and maturation of HIV-1 virus. An almost two-decade research effort by academic and pharmaceutical institutions resulted inExpand
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Discovery of FabH/FabF Inhibitors from Natural Products
ABSTRACT Condensing enzymes are essential in type II fatty acid synthesis and are promising targets for antibacterial drug discovery. Recently, a new approach using a xylose-inducible plasmid toExpand
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Nodulisporic Acid A, a Novel and Potent Insecticide from a Nodulisporium Sp. Isolation, Structure Determination, and Chemical Transformations
The potent insecticidal agent nodulisporic acid A (1a), representative of a new class of indole terpenes, was isolated from fermentations of a Nodulisporium sp. Nodulisporic acid A was active againstExpand
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