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The rules and taboos used to preserve/protect the groves are crumbling, which must be addressed if they are to continue playing important role in in-situ biodiversity conservation.
Proximate Composition of Whey from South West Nigeria
Whey samples from major small scale and individual soft cheese producing areas of South West Nigeria were subjected to analysis for their proximate compositions, and their proximate composition
Domestication of Chrysophyllum albidum from rainforest and derived savannah ecosystems - phenotype variation and selection of elite trees
Many forest food tree species have immense socio-economic, nutritional and cultural importance. They contribute to food security and increase the diversity of foods necessary to reduce monotony in
Farm-level tree growth characteristics, fruit phenotypic variation and market potential assessment of three socio-economically important forest fruit tree species
The old age of most of the trees and the high income derived from their products underscores the necessity for domestication, which should be farmer driven.
Change Management and Capacity Utilisation: A Critical Requirement for Business Sustainability among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
This study focuses on the practice of change management and operational resilience among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. The research adopts an empirical approach, relying on
Domestication Potentials of Irvingia gabonensis: Farm Level Tree Growth Characteristics Assessment, Fruit Phenology and Effect of Light Intensity on Seed Germination.
This study examines tree growth characteristics, fruits phenology and germination of Irvingia gabonenesis (var, gabonensis) seeds under different light intensities to explain the lower age of the trees in this ecosystem.
The specification of hedonic indexes for duplexes in Lekki peninsular area of Lagos metropolis
Introduction The value of property is very key and central to decision making in almost all aspects of the built environment. Investors and developers seek to know the market values as well as
Socio-economic impacts of charcoal production in Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State, Nigeria
Many households in developing countries experience low energy consumption and this make them depend upon wood fuels for their energy. This study examined socio-economic impacts of charcoal production
Domestication of Socio-economically Important Forest Food Tree Species: Effects of Light Intensities on Germination and Early Growth of Chrysophyllum albidum and Irvingia gabonensis.
Both species performed poorly under forest canopy, indicating that they may not do well under heavy shade, and Irvingia gabonensis seedlings under open sky had overall best growth results, thus they have the potential to survive when transplanted to the field.