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Genetic parameters and trends for lamb survival and birth weight in a Merino flock divergently selected for multiple rearing ability.
Data of 5,390 Merino lambs born from 1986 to 2007 (approximately 6.9 generations) were used to derive genetic parameters and trends for age-specific and overall lamb survival on the underlying scale,Expand
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Performance testing and recording in meat and dairy goats
Abstract This contribution reviews the global importance of goat farming in subsistence-based, market-based and high-input production systems and discusses performance recording and performanceExpand
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Genetic parameters and trends in a selection experiment for increased clean fleece weight involving South African Merinos
Summary. Data of 3603 to 7385 progeny of a Merino line selected for an increased clean fleece weight with a limitation on fibre diameter in sires and an unselected control group were used to estimateExpand
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Relationship between production performance, visual appraisal and body measurements of young Dorper rams
The body measurements of 433 young Dorper rams participating in the Free State and Northern Cape veld-ram projects were correlated with their production performance. These measurements included aExpand
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Returns on investment in sheep and goat breeding in South Africa
The small stock industry in South Africa is of crucial importance as 80% of the agricultural land is unsuitable for intensive agricultural production. The contribution of 19 resource sheep flocks andExpand
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Genetic analysis of faecal worm egg count in South African Merinos under natural challenge
Sheep from a Merino selection experiment at the Tygerhoek research farm in the Southern Cape provided material for this study. The selection lines involved included a line selected for clean fleeceExpand
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Genetic parameters and relationships of faecal worm egg count with objectively measured wool traits in the Tygerhoek Merino flock
The costs of internal parasite control and treatment are potentially very high in grazing sheep. Faecal worm egg count (FEC) has been suggested as a suitable criterion for selection for resistance toExpand
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L'application des directives europeennes sur l'assainissement des eaux usees engendre un accroissement considerable de la production de boues residuaires urbaines. Le traitement de ces boues devientExpand
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Ondersoek na seleksiemaatstawwe by Afrinoskape. Genetiese parameters van groei- en woleienskappe
Investigation of selection criteria for Afrino sheep. Genetic parameters of growth and wool traits . The data used in this study were obtained from the Carnarvon Afrino stud. The genetic andExpand
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Linear type traits in a Merino flock subjected to selection for increased clean fleece mass and an unselected Control Flock (Sho
Data from 267 individuals were used to. investigate factors influencing 13 linear type traits (scored on a 1-50 point scale) in progeny of a Merino flock subjected to 20 years of selectioll forExpand
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