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A Wireless Charging System Applying Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control to Maximize Efficiency and Extractable Power
Wireless power transfer (WPT) is an emerging technology with an increasing number of potential applications to transfer power from a transmitter to a mobile receiver over a relatively large air gap.Expand
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Impedance-Based Stability and Transient-Performance Assessment Applying Maximum Peak Criteria
The impedance-based stability-assessment method has turned out to be a very effective tool and its usage is rapidly growing in different applications ranging from the conventional interconnectedExpand
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Accurate Analysis of Subharmonic Oscillations of $V^2$ and $V^2I_c$ Controls Applied to Buck Converter
V2Ic control provides very fast dynamic performance to the Buck converter both under load steps and under voltage reference steps. However, the design of this control is complex since it is prone toExpand
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$v^1$ Concept: Designing a Voltage-Mode Control as Current Mode With Near Time-Optimal Response for Buck-Type Converters
This paper introduces the v1concept that explains how by only measuring the output voltage, designers have information about almost every signal of the power stage. Following the v1concept, it isExpand
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Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge Series Resonant Converter with pulse modulation
This paper presents a new modulation technique for the Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge Series Resonant Converter (DAB SRC). The main feature of the proposed modulation is the elimination of theExpand
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Nonlinear Control for DC–DC Converters Based on Hysteresis of the $C_{\rm OUT}$ Current With a Frequency Loop to Operate at Constant Frequency
The nonlinear and linear controls proposed by Alou and Soto provide very fast transient response (voltage step from 1 to 1.5 V in 2 μs). This nonlinear control is based on hysteretic control of CoutExpand
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Power Electronics Enabling Efficient Energy Usage: Energy Savings Potential and Technological Challenges
Power electronics is a key technology for the efficient conversion, control, and conditioning of electric energy from the source to the load. In this paper, the potential of power electronics forExpand
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Theoretical Efficiency Limits of a Serial and Parallel Linear-Assisted Switching Converter as an Envelope Amplifier
This paper presents a theoretical analysis and an optimization method for envelope amplifiers. Highly efficient envelope amplifiers based on a switching converter in parallel or in series with aExpand
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Grid-Connected Forward Microinverter With Primary-Parallel Secondary-Series Transformer
This paper presents a primary-parallel secondary-series multicore forward microinverter for photovoltaic ac-module application. The presented microinverter operates with a constant off-time boundaryExpand
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Hysteretic Mixed-Signal Controller for High-Frequency DC–DC Converters Operating at Constant Switching Frequency
A hysteretic mixed-signal controller for high-frequency switch-mode power supplies that achieves both very fast transient response and constant switching frequency under steady-state operation isExpand
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