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New species and new records of Palaearctic Trichoptera in the material of the Hungarian Natural History Museum
– 223 Trichoptera species were determined from the Palaearctic material of the Hungarian Natural History Museum collected in Iran, Pakistan, Kazahstan, and from several countries along the
Generic review of Hydropsychinae, with description of Schmidopsyche , new genus, 3 new genus clusters, 8 new species groups, 4 new species clades, 12 new species clusters and 62 new species from the
The taxonomy of the genera of Hydropsychinae is revised and a new genus, Schmidopsyche Olah & Schefter, new genus is established and the single species in the genus is described and illustrated.
The protective effect of antioxidants on liquid and frozen stored ram semen - review.
This systematic review is focusing on the current literature in order to give an overview of the protective role of antioxidants in ram semen preservation. Throughout the sperm conservation process
Generic review of Polycentropodidae with description of 32 new species and 19 new species records from the Oriental, Australian and Afrotropical Biogeographical Regions
The taxonomy of the Polycentropodidae is discussed, and the family is divided into 4 newly defined diagnostic genus clusters based primarily on wing characters and number of spurs on the legs. The
Nitrogen processing and retention in Hungarian carp farms
During the 20 years of nitrogen accumulation on industrialized agricultural land of Hungary, the intensive fish farm received altogether 1246 tonnes of nitrogen and released only 686 tonnes to the environment, therefore removing, processing and accumulating most of the available nitrogen while minimizing the pollution to the Environment is one of the challenges for the future.
Description of 33 new species of Calamoceratidae, Molannidae, Odontoceridae and Philorheithridae (Trichoptera), with detailed presentation of their cephalic setal warts and grooves
Additions to the taxonomy of the leptoceroid families Calamoceratidae, Molannidae, Odontoceridae, and Philorheithridae are given, and 33 new species in the superfamily are described based on