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Microfluidic chips for the crystallization of biomacromolecules by counter-diffusion and on-chip crystal X-ray analysis.
Microfluidic devices were designed to perform on micromoles of biological macromolecules and viruses the search and the optimization of crystallization conditions by counter-diffusion, as well as theExpand
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Automated analysis of vapor diffusion crystallization drops with an X-ray beam.
Crystallogenesis, usually based on the vapor diffusion method, is currently considered one of the most difficult steps in macromolecular X-ray crystallography. Due to the increasing number ofExpand
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Advances in spectroscopic methods for biological crystals. 1. Fluorescence lifetime measurements
Synchrotrons are now producing thousands of macromolecular structures each year. The need for complementary techniques available on site has progressively emerged, either to assess the relevance ofExpand
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Advances in spectroscopic methods for biological crystals. 2. Raman spectroscopy
A Raman micro­spectro­photometer is described that allows the spectroscopic investigation of protein crystals under exactly the same conditions as those used for X-ray data collection. The concept isExpand
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CATS: a Cryogenic Automated Transfer System installed on the beamline FIP at ESRF
CATS allows users to mount and dismount their crystal samples remotely on the diffractometer, without entering the experimental hutch. CATS has been integrated into the automated control of FIP,Expand
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Raman-Assisted Crystallography Reveals End-On Peroxide Intermediates in a Nonheme Iron Enzyme
Iron-peroxide intermediates are central in the reaction cycle of many iron-containing biomolecules. We trapped iron(III)-(hydro)peroxo species in crystals of superoxide reductase (SOR), a nonhemeExpand
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Numerical model validation for mooring systems: Method and application for wave energy converters
The design of wave energy mooring systems is challenging: overdesign incurs a significant cost penalty, underdesign may lead to a premature failure and incorrect design could reduce the powerExpand
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Visualization of the contact line during the water exit of flat plates
We investigate experimentally the time evolution of the wetted surface during the lifting of a body initially floating at the water surface. This phenomenon is referred to as the water exit problem.Expand
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UV laser-excited fluorescence as a tool for the visualization of protein crystals mounted in loops.
Structural proteomics has promoted the rapid development of automated protein structure determination using X-ray crystallography. Robotics are now routinely used along the pipeline from genes toExpand
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A new highly integrated sample environment for protein crystallography.
Protein crystallography is becoming a popular technique that is routinely used to access structural information. At one end of the process, sample preparation is now facilitated by commerciallyExpand
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