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Glyphosate induces neurotoxicity in zebrafish.
It is concluded that glyphosate and the Roundup(®) formulation is developmentally toxic to the forebrain and midbrain but does not affect the hindbrain after 24 h exposure. Expand
Glyphosate induces cardiovascular toxicity in Danio rerio.
Glyphosate is developmentally toxic to the zebrafish heart and alterations in the Mef2/mef2ca staining patterns during early cardiac patterning stages are found. Expand
Electrophoretic patterns of the serum proteins of chinchillas and hamsters infected with Leishmania donovani.
The agent of so-called “salmon poisoning disease” of dogs on the Pacific Coast of the USA, first reported by Cordy and Gorham (1950), is an intracytoplasmic, rickettsia-like, sometimes pleomorphicExpand
lyphosate induces cardiovascular toxicity in Danio rerio icole
Glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide used aggressively in agricultural practices as well as home garden care. Although labeled “safe” by the chemical industry, doses tested by industry do notExpand