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Early Mesopotamian Urbanism: A New View from the North
For many years, the southern Mesopotamia of Ur and Uruk, ancient Sumer, has been seen as the origin centre of civilisation and cities: "The urban implosion of late-fourth- and early-third-millennium
Initial Social Complexity in Southwestern Asia: The Mesopotamian Advantage
The emergence of early Mesopotamian (Sumerian) civilization must be understood within the framework of the unique ecology and geography of the alluvial lowlands of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Early Urban Development in the Near East
It is demonstrated that variation from the derived model was present at the beginnings of urbanism in the Near East as well as previously thought.
Trade and power in the fifth and fourth millennia BC: New evidence from northern Mesopotamia
Abstract The formation of the earliest known cities was accompanied by the foundation of colonies in Syria and Anatolia, established to secure raw materials lacking in the Mesopotamian homeland. The
Seafaring merchants of Ur?
Less than ten years have passed since the first discovery in Saudi Arabia of prehistoric pottery superficially identical with that known from the earliest farming settlements in Sumer 6-700 km to the
The Spatial Dimensions of Early Mesopotamian Urbanism: The Tell Brak Suburban Survey, 2003–2006
The 2003–2006 Suburban Survey at Tell Brak investigated the spatial dimensions of the city's urban origins and evolution via intensive systematic surface survey. This report places this research in