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Biomass from crop residues: cost and supply estimates.
The supply of harvested crop residues as a feed stock for energy products is estimated in this report. The estimates account for economic and environmental factors governing residue supply. TheExpand
Degradability of forage proteins by in situ and in vitro enzymatic methods.
The overall objective of these two studies was to evaluate the efficacy of using the proteolytic enzyme from Streptomyces griseus to estimate concentrations of ruminally degradable protein (RDP) in aExpand
In situ dry matter, nitrogen, and fiber degradation of alfalfa, red clover, and eastern gamagrass at four maturities.
The most distinguishing characteristic of these findings was not that N from gamagrass degraded more slowly in the rumen than did N from alfalfa or red clover, but that this trait was coupled with N concentrations at harvestable growth stages (boot or anthesis stages) that were similar to legumes. Expand
Genetic Progress From 50 Years of Smooth Bromegrass Breeding
Of these cultivars, Lincoln was the most widelyprivate breeders, presumably due to its superior performance in regional trials (Thomas et al., 1958). Expand
Supply and Social Cost Estimates for Biomass from Crop Residues in the United States
The components of social costsincluded in the supply analysis are cashoutlays and opportunity costs associated withharvest and alternative residue uses, potentialenvironmental damage that is avoidedExpand
Predicting Forage Quality in Switchgrass and Big Bluestem
Predicting forage quality would help producers schedule hay harvesting to obtain desired hay quality. Our objective was to determine if growing degree day (GDD), day of the year (DOY), mean stageExpand
Separation and quantification of lignin-derived phenolic monomers using high-resolution gas chromatography
Mode operatoire d'une methode de dosage de cette fraction extraite de parois cellulaires vegetales. Cette methode permet d'effectuer la separation des monomeres phenoliques sous forme de derivesExpand
In situ disappearance of neutral detergent insoluble nitrogen from alfalfa and eastern gamagrass at three maturities.
It is indicated that neutral detergent soluble N may make important contributions to the pool of N escaping ruminal degradation and that most of the NDIN in these forages is potentially available in the rumen and can contribute to the ruminal N supply. Expand
Baling system for making laboratory-scale hay bales
Research on the preservation of moist hay has long been an area of intense interest; however, such research has often been hampered by the difficulty in controlling experimental conditions duringExpand
Predicting Developmental Morphology in Switchgrass and Big Bluestem
The morphological development of switchgrass and big bluestem can be reliably predicted for adapted cultivars in the central Great Plains during years with near-normal precipitation using DOY and GDD because of the determinate growth habit of these grasses. Expand