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Some physicochemical properties of acha (digitaria exilis stapf) and iburu (Digitaria iburua stapf) grains
Some physicochemical properties of two cultivated species of Digitaria (D exilis and D iburua) were studied. Physical properties such as 1000-kernel weight, kernel size and water absorption rate of
Effect of Storage on Starch Content and Modification of Cassava Starch
The effect of storage on yield and modification of starch using hydrochloric acid and acetic anhydride were studied. Yield of starch from fresh roots (24.4%) was significantly greater than yield
Starter culture evaluation for the production of Ugba from African oil bean seed Pentaclethra macrophylla
Bacillus subtilis was selected as the single starter culture for ugba production with its desirable quality characteristics of colour, texture, aroma and overall acceptability.
Rheology of okra (Hibiscus esculentus L.) and dika nut (Irvingia gabonensis) polysaccharides
Abstract Polysaccharide extracts were prepared from two traditional food thickeners with extensive domestic use in central and western parts of Africa: okra (Hibiscus esculentis L.) and the seed
Influence of sundrying on the chemical composition, aflatoxin content and fungal counts of two pepper varieties —Capsicum annum andCapsicum frutescens
Samples of sundried, matured red pepper, Capsicum annum and C. frutescens with a moisture content of 12.7–26.8 percent had on dry weight basis, vitamin C, 5.0–6.4 mg/100 g; crude protein, 0.8–1.1 percent; total soluble solids, 3.3–4.2 percent; and fungal counts of log 4.2–3.6 percent.
Processing of Cassava Starch for Adhesive Production
The processing of cassava (Manihot utilissima Pohl) root IITA variety TMS 50395 into starch by varying the steeping period and the effect of these processing methods on the suitability of cassava
Production of Low Substituted Cassava Starch Acetates and Citrates
Starch acetates and citrates were prepared by treating starch with sodium hydroxide at room temperature with and without 1% concentrated sulphuric acid (per dry weight of starch) as catalyst. Starch
Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Low DS Cassava Starch Acetates and Citrates
Physicochemical and functional properties of low degree of substitution (DS) cassava starch citrates and acetates were compared with properties of native cassava starch. Substituted starches have
Physico-chemical properties and acceptability of yam flour substituted with soy flour
Colour, texture, taste and overall acceptability of pastes (amala) from the mixed flours were rated lower than that of yam flour, and up to 10% defated and 20% full fat soy flour substitution for ym flour was acceptable for amala.