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How business schools lost their way.
Business schools are facing intense criticism for failing to impart useful skills, failing to prepare leaders, failing to instill norms of ethical behavior--and even failing to lead graduates to goodExpand
When Two (or More) Heads are Better Than One: The Promise and Pitfalls of Shared Leadership
In both the business press and in academic journals, corporate leadership typically is portrayed as a solo activity, the responsibility of one person at the top of an organizational hierarchy.Expand
Leading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership
Two and a Half Cheers for Conscious Capitalism
In recent years, the idea of conscious capitalism has emerged as an important alternative approach to the problems confronting American capitalism. Embraced by a number of corporations and prominentExpand
What's needed next: a culture of candor.
If there's one thing that the past decade's business disasters should teach us, it's that we need to stop evaluating corporate leaders simply on the basis of how much wealth they create forExpand
Leading Change: Overcoming the Ideology of Comfort and the Tyranny of Custom. First Edition. The Jossey-Bass Management Series.
Christ Comes to Brussels: An Introduction to Values-Based Leadership. LEADERS LEADING CHANGE. The Rushmoreans: An Indelible Lesson in Values-Based Leadership. The Corporate Rushmoreans: How to LeadExpand
Don't hire the wrong CEO.
A disturbing trend is going on in corporate America--CEO churning. Top executives are rapidly coming and going, keeping their jobs for increasingly shorter periods of time. The reason? Most boardsExpand
America at work : choices and challenges
Impact of Technology on the Nature of Work Impact of Individual Behaviour on Organizational Performance Education and the American Worker How Careers are Changing in American Corporations Work andExpand