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The emerging infectious challenge of clostridium difficile-associated disease in Massachusetts hospitals: clinical and economic consequences.
OBJECTIVE To estimate the clinical and economic burden of Clostridium difficile-associated disease (CDAD) in Massachusetts over 2 years. DESIGN A retrospective analysis of Massachusetts hospitalExpand
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Cost of managing an episode of relapse in multiple sclerosis in the United States
BackgroundThe purpose of this study was to determine the direct medical US cost of managing multiple sclerosis relapses.MethodsDirect data analysis and cost modeling were employed to derive typicalExpand
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Economic Burden Associated With Parkinson Disease
The objective of this study was to estimate the annual cost burden of Parkinson disease (PD) in the United States. Resource use and cost profiles were developed using all-payer statewide hospitalExpand
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Economic evaluation of therapeutic interventions to prevent Type 2 diabetes in Canada
Aims  To compare the health and economic outcomes of using acarbose, an intensive lifestyle modification programme, metformin or no intervention to prevent progression to diabetes in CanadianExpand
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Estimates of direct medical costs for microvascular and macrovascular complications resulting from type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United States in 2000.
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that affects the health of Americans and the US health care system on many levels. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 16Expand
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Cost of managing complications resulting from type 2 diabetes mellitus in Canada
BackgroundDecision makers need to have Canadian-specific cost information in order to develop an accurate picture of diabetes management. The objective of this study is to estimate direct medicalExpand
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Hospitalization for pertussis: profiles and case costs by age
BackgroundPertussis, a highly contagious respiratory illness, affects people of all ages and can have serious clinical consequences. It has been reported that from 1997–2000, 20% of all pertussisExpand
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Pertussis Immunization of Adolescents in the United States: An Economic Evaluation
The incidence of reported pertussis has increased during the past decade and poses a growing health and economic burden in developed countries, despite high rates of primary vaccination.Expand
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Health and economic consequences of sevelamer use for hyperphosphatemia in patients on hemodialysis.
OBJECTIVES The safety and efficacy of sevelamer hydrochloride in binding phosphate in patients with end-stage renal disease and its ability to attenuate the progression of cardiac calcification haveExpand
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Lifetime costs of complications resulting from type 2 diabetes in the U.S.
OBJECTIVE To model the lifetime costs associated with complications of type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A cohort of 10,000 patients with diabetes was simulated using a model based onExpand
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