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Understanding travel expenditure patterns: a study of Japanese pleasure travelers to the United States by income level
Abstract Japanese travelers have been one of the largest groups of travelers to the United States. Given the importance of Japanese travel, an understanding of expenditure patterns is vital to travelExpand
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Searching for the Future: Challenges Faced by Destination Marketing Organizations
Threats in the external environment and changes in the industry’s markets and structures have challenged destination marketing organizations to change in fundamental ways. The strategic responses toExpand
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Tourist shopping preferences and expenditure behaviours: The case of the Taiwanese outbound market
Using data from the 1999 Survey of Taiwanese Outbound Travellers, this research quantitatively examined tourists’ shopping preferences and behaviours in relation to their socio-demographicExpand
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Predicting Usage of the Internet for Travel Bookings: An Exploratory Study
The marketing of travel on the Internet is growing rapidly and with this so is travel e-commerce. Expand
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Developing a Typology for Understanding Visiting Friends and Relatives Markets
This study seeks to classify visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel and to explore the linkage between VFR travel types and commercial tourism in an empirical study. The VFR phenomenon isExpand
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Adapting to the Internet
The influence of the Internet on our social and economic life is well documented. However, few studies have been conducted to assess how travelers have adapted to the Internet over time. Using aExpand
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Benefit segmentation of Japanese pleasure travelers to the USA and Canada: selecting target markets based on the profitability and risk of individual market segments.
Abstract Many previous research studies have offered alternative approaches to segmenting travel markets, but few have provided any decision rules for selecting target markets. This study usedExpand
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The effect of prior experience on vacation behavior.
Abstract This research applied consumer involvement theory to describe, interrelate, and explain the repeat visit phenomenon and empirically tested the effect of past experience on tourists’ vacationExpand
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Understanding participation patterns and trends in tourism cultural attractions.
Abstract Previous studies have collectively suggested that most cultural tourists are “up-scaled” (high income earnings, high education, and mature aged). This simplistic profile of culturalExpand
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A Means-End Investigation of Ropes Course Experiences
Means-end theory and its associated methodology provide an approach for investigating the meanings that individuals associate with the products and services they purchase, consume, and experience.Expand
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