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C9orf72 is required for proper macrophage and microglial function in mice
Linking neurodegeneration and immune cells The expansion of a repetitive DNA sequence in the C9orf72 gene is the major genetic cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.Expand
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Computational Geometry in C Second Edition
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Characterization of the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HAT-P-32Ab and the M-Dwarf companion HAT-P-32B
We report secondary eclipse photometry of the hot Jupiter HAT-P-32Ab, taken with Hale/Wide-field Infra-Red Camera (WIRC) in H and K_S bands and with Spitzer/IRAC at 3.6 and 4.5 μm. We carried outExpand
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Atmospheric Characterization of the Hot Jupiter Kepler-13Ab
Kepler-13Ab (= KOI-13.01) is a unique transiting hot Jupiter. It is one of very few known short-period planets orbiting a hot A-type star, making it one of the hottest planets currently known. TheExpand
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Powering Earth’s dynamo with magnesium precipitation from the core
Earth’s global magnetic field arises from vigorous convection within the liquid outer core. Palaeomagnetic evidence reveals that the geodynamo has operated for at least 3.4 billion years, whichExpand
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New and Improved Spanning Ratios for Yao Graphs
  • L. Barba, P. Bose, +7 authors Ge Xia
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Symposium on Computational Geometry
  • 22 July 2013
For a set of points in the plane and a fixed integer k > 0, the Yao graph Yk partitions the space around each point into k equiangular cones of angle &thetas; = 2π/k, and connects each point to a nearest neighbor in each cone. Expand
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The vertex-edge visibility graph of a polygon
We introduce a new polygon visibility graph, the vertex-edge visibility graph G VE , and demonstrate that it encodes more geometric information about the polygon than does the vertex visibility graphG V . Expand
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Warm Spitzer and Palomar Near-IR Secondary Eclipse Photometry of Two Hot Jupiters: WASP-48b and HAT-P-23b
We report secondary eclipse photometry of two hot Jupiters, WASP-48b and HAT-P-23b, at 3.6 and 4.5 μm taken with the InfraRed Array Camera aboard the Spitzer Space Telescope during the warm SpitzerExpand
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Two Segment Classes with Hamiltonian Visibility Graphs
We prove that the endpoint visibility graph of a set of disjoint segments that satisfy one of two restrictions, always contains a simple Hamiltonian circuit. Expand
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Terrestrial planet evolution in the stagnant-lid regime: Size effects and the formation of self-destabilizing crust
The ongoing discovery of terrestrial exoplanets accentuates the importance of studying planetary evolution for a wide range of initial conditions. We perform thermal evolution simulations for genericExpand
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