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The economic contribution of forest resource use to rural livelihoods in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
By explicitly incorporating forest environmental products (FEPs) in household income accounting, this paper examines the role and significance of FEPs in household income and in rural poverty andExpand
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Use of LIDAR‐derived images for mapping old landslides under forest
Large, deep-seated landslides are common features in the Flemish Ardennes (Belgium). As most of these old (>100 years) landslides are located under forest in this hilly region, aerial photographExpand
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Rainfall erosivity and variability in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands
The Ethiopian Highlands are subjected to important land degradation. Though spatial variability of rain depth is important, even at the catchment scale, this variability has never been studied. InExpand
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Impact of road building on gully erosion risk: A case study from the northern Ethiopian Highlands
Although obvious in the field, the impact of road building on hydrology and gullying in Ethiopia has rarely been analysed. This study investigates how road building in the Ethiopian Highlands affectsExpand
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Tillage erosion on slopes with soil conservation structures in the Ethiopian highlands
Abstract Soil translocation due to tillage by the ox-drawn ard plough appears to be an important source of colluviation behind stone bunds and lynchets in the Ethiopian highlands. To quantify erosionExpand
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The effectiveness of hillshade maps and expert knowledge in mapping old deep-seated landslides
Large deep-seated landslides with a shear surface deeper than 3 m and a mean affected area of 4.2 ha are common features in the Flemish Ardennes. None of these deep-seated landslides are dated, butExpand
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Sediment‐bound nutrient export from micro‐dam catchments in Northern Ethiopia
The losses in soil nutrients (nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (Pav), organic carbon (OC), potassium (K), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)) in the catchment and the storage in the reservoir as aExpand
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Dynamics of soil erosion rates and controlling factors in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands – towards a sediment budget
This paper analyses the factors that control rates and extent of soil erosion processes in the 199 ha May Zegzeg catchment near Hagere Selam in the Tigray Highlands (Northern Ethiopia). ThisExpand
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Comprehensive assessment of soil erosion risk for better land use planning in river basins: Case study of the Upper Blue Nile River.
In the drought-prone Upper Blue Nile River (UBNR) basin of Ethiopia, soil erosion by water results in significant consequences that also affect downstream countries. However, there have been limitedExpand
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Effectiveness of stone bunds in controlling soil erosion on cropland in the Tigray Highlands, northern Ethiopia
Use of stone bunds to enhance soil and water conservation was first introduced to Tigray, northern Ethiopia in 1981. This studs was designed to examine the factors that control the effectiveness ofExpand
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