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Energy Efficiency of Mobile Clients in Cloud Computing
An analysis of the critical factors affecting the energy consumption of mobile clients in cloud computing and measurements about the central characteristics of contemporary mobile handheld devices that define the basic balance between local and remote computing are presented. Expand
How low energy is bluetooth low energy? Comparative measurements with ZigBee/802.15.4
This work studies the energy consumption of BLE by measuring real devices with a power monitor and derive models of the basic energy consumption behavior observed from the measurement results, and investigates the overhead of Ipv6-based communication over BLE, relevant for future IoT scenarios. Expand
Is the Same Instance Type Created Equal? Exploiting Heterogeneity of Public Clouds
It is found that heterogeneous hardware is a commonality among the relatively long-lasting cloud platforms, although the level of heterogeneity varies, and varied CPU acquisition percentages and different virtual machine scheduling mechanisms exacerbate the performance variation problem. Expand
Parallel Connections and their Effect on the Battery Consumption of a Mobile Phone
  • J. Nurminen
  • Computer Science
  • 7th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking…
  • 9 January 2010
Analysis of end-to-end communication activities of a modern mobile phone, Nokia N95, indicates that there is a significant potential to save energy if applications are engineered to take advantage of this phenomenon. Expand
Energy Efficient Multimedia Streaming to Mobile Devices — A Survey
This survey examines solutions that have been proposed during the last few years, to improve the energy efficiency of wireless multimedia streaming in mobile hand-held devices and provides evidence of the fact that some of these tactics already exist in modern smaprtphones and provide energy savings with real measurements. Expand
Exploiting Hardware Heterogeneity within the Same Instance Type of Amazon EC2
This paper looks into the hardware heterogeneity and the corresponding performance variation within the same instance type of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), finding out that there exist three different subtypes of hardware configuration in the standard large instance. Expand
Cloud Databases for Internet-of-Things Data
A performance evaluation of the considered database systems through extensive experiments in the cloud shows that SQL and NoSQL databases are both viable for IoT data, even though there is a high variability in the performance of the different No SQL databases considered. Expand
Using crowd-sourced viewing statistics to save energy in wireless video streaming
This work proposes a novel download scheduling algorithm based on crowd-sourced video viewing statistics that judiciously evaluates the probability of a user interrupting a video viewing in order to perform the right amount of prefetching and shows that this scheduler cuts the energy waste to half compared to existing download strategies. Expand
P2P media streaming with HTML5 and WebRTC
Whether the new HTML5 and WebRTC standards are a fit for P2P video streaming is reviewed, the performance challenges are evaluated, and solutions are proposed. Expand
Mobile multimedia streaming techniques: QoE and energy saving perspective
A large set of active measurements with several smartphones having both Wi-Fi and cellular network access reveals five different techniques to deliver the content to the video players, and points out the techniques that provide the most attractive trade-offs in particular situations. Expand