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Functional magnetic resonance imaging of synesthesia: activation of V4/V8 by spoken words
In 'colored-hearing' synesthesia, individuals report color experiences when they hear spoken words. If the synesthetic color experience resembles that of normal color perception, one would predictExpand
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Developmental Prosopagnosia: Should it be Taken at Face Value?
This study presents a rare case of developmental prosopagnosia. Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed no overt brain abnormalities. EP’s basic visual skills and visual memory wereExpand
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Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half-century
Significance Kelp forests support diverse and productive ecological communities throughout temperate and arctic regions worldwide, providing numerous ecosystem services to humans. Literature suggestsExpand
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The invasive brown alga Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar, 1873 (Laminariales: Alariaceae), spreads northwards in Europe
The Asian kelp Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar 1873 was found for the first time in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland during 2012 and was probably established in 2013. This currently is the mostExpand
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Global ischaemia: Hippocampal pathology and spatial deficits in the water maze
Spatial deficits were assessed in male Wistar rats which had undergone 4 vessel occlusion for 5, 10, 15 or 30 min. Relationships between the extent of brain damage, the duration of 4-vesselExpand
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The Incidence of Schizotypy among Cannabis and Alcohol Users
Schizotypy research has revealed associations between positive schizotypal symptomatology and substance use but has not related substance use to important schizotypal traits such as anhedonia. UsersExpand
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Neuropsychological Outcome and the Extent of Resection in the Unilateral Temporal Lobectomy
Thirty-eight patients who had undergone either a right (RTL, n = 19) or left (RTL, n = 19) en bloc unilateral temporal lobectomy were scanned using magnetic resonance imaging, and the extent ofExpand
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Similarities within event clusters in autobiographical memory
The organization of autobiographical memory is critical for both theory and application in many areas of psychology. Several theories of autobiographical memory state that memories are nested withinExpand
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Schizotypy and patterns of lateral asymmetry on hemisphere-specific language tasks
Abstract Following the notion that abnormalities of hemispheric asymmetry may underlie schizophrenia, patterns of cognitive hemispheric asymmetries, as assessed by left and right hemisphere languageExpand
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