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Systems Development in Information Systems Research
It is suggested that systems development and empirical research methodologies are complementary to each other and an integrated multidimensional and multimethodological approach will generate fruitful research results in IS research. Expand
Electronic meeting systems
IS 2010: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Systems
The IS 2010 report is the latest output from model curriculum work for Information Systems (IS) that began in the early 1970s and is grounded in the expected requirements of industry, represents the views of organizations employing the graduates, and is supported by other IS-related organizations. Expand
Collaboration Engineering with ThinkLets to Pursue Sustained Success with Group Support Systems
The thinkLet concept is proposed, a codified packet of facilitation skill that can be applied by practitioners to achieve predictable, repeatable patterns of collaboration, such as divergence or convergence, which may become a sine qua non for organizations to effectively support virtual work teams. Expand
Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness
Students in the e-learning environment that provided interactive video achieved significantly better learning performance and a higher level of learner satisfaction than those in other settings, and the findings suggest that it may be important to integrate interactive instructional video into e- learning systems. Expand
Lessons from a Dozen Years of Group Support Systems Research: A Discussion of Lab and Field Findings
During the past dozen years, researchers at the University of Arizona have built six generations of group support systems software, conducted over 150 research studies, and facilitated over 4,000Expand
Two concurrent experiments were conducted with groups of varying size; there were 2-, 4-, and 6-person groups in one and 6- and 12-person groups in the other. We compared the number and quality of ...
Can e-learning replace classroom learning?
In an e-learning environment that emphasizes learner-centered activity and system interactivity, remote learners can outperform traditional classroom students.
Information Technology to Support Electronic Meetings
A new term for information technology systems that support group meetings: electronic meeting systems (EMS) is proposed and defined, which are more than group decision support systems (GDSS) and focus on communication. Expand