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Empirical potentials and functions for protein folding and binding.
Simplified models and empirical potentials are being increasingly used for the analysis of proteins, frequently augmenting or replacing molecular mechanics approaches. Recent folding simulations haveExpand
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Porcine kobuvirus 1 in healthy and diarrheic pigs: Genetic detection and characterization of virus and co-infection with rotavirus A.
The porcine kobuvirus 1 (PKV-1) is believed to be an enteric virus. To investigate the prevalence of PKV-1 in pigs, virus was detected by RT-PCR in rectal swabs originating from 414 healthy andExpand
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Coble and Harper-Dorn creep in iron at homologous temperatures TTm of 0.40-0.54
Abstract The creep of high purity iron at low stresses (0.1–3.5 MPa) was investigated over a homologous temperature range T T m of 0.40-0.54 (where T is the temperature under consideration and Tm isExpand
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Harper-Dorn creep in alpha-zirconium
Harper-Dorn (H-D) creep in alpha-zirconium has been investigated at homologous temperatures 0.35 to 0.48 (773 to 1023 K) and stresses ranging from 4.10−6 to 9.10−5G (G is the shear modulus) by theExpand
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The Formation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons at High Temperatures. XVIII. The Pyrolysis of n-Decane
n-Decane has been pyrolysed at 700°C. Fifty-two compounds have been identified in the resulting tar. Mechanisms of formation are discussed.
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The Formation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons at High Temperatures. XIX. The Pyrolysis of [δ-14C]Butylbenzene
The pyrolysis of [δ-14C]butylbenzene at 700°C has given a tar from which 18 compounds have been isolated in sufficient quantity and purity for radiochemical analysis. Five of these have been degradedExpand
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Analogs of tetrahydrofolic acid. 32. Hydrophobic bonding to dihydrofolic reductase IV. Inhibition by p-substituted benzoic and benzoyl-L-glutamic acids.
A series of p -substituted benzoic acids and benzoyl- l -glutamic acids were synthesized and evaluated as inhibitors of dihydrofolic reductase in order to gain information on the position of theExpand
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Paclitaxel isomerisation in polymeric micelles based on hydrophobized hyaluronic acid.
Physical and chemical structure of paclitaxel (PTX) was studied after its incorporation into polymeric micelles made of hyaluronic acid (HA) (Mw=15 kDa) grafted with C6 or C18:1 acyl chains. PTX wasExpand
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The formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperatures. XXI. The pyrolysis of n-butylbenzene over a range of temperatures from 300° to 900° at 50° intervals
n-Butylbenzene has been pyrolysed over a range of temperatures from 300° to 900°, at 50° intervals, and the resulting tars analysed. The optimum temperatures for the formation of 15 polycyclicExpand
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Molecular detection of enteric viruses and the genetic characterization of porcine astroviruses and sapoviruses in domestic pigs from Slovakian farms
BackgroundSurveillance and characterization of pig enteric viruses such as transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), rotavirus, astrovirus (PAstV), sapovirusExpand
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