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Religions of Rome
1. Earliest Rome 2. The deities of Rome 3. The calendar 4. Religious places 5. Festivals and ceremonies 6. Sacrifices 7. Divination and diviners 8. Priests and priestesses 9. Individuals and gods:
Magic in the Ancient World
This text aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to ancient magic. It gives direct access to the sources but selects the important, characteristic examples. Ancient Greeks and Romans often
The Ambassadors' Secret : Holbein and the World of the Renaissance
This study provides a radical reinterpretation of Holbein's famous painting. The celebrated portrait of two French diplomats at the court of Henry VIII has usually been linked to the political and
Religion in Republican Rome
Religion in Rome in the republican period was integrated into the political and social structure, in such a way that every group or activity had its religious aspect. The first characteristic of
Conservatism and Change in Roman Religion
The conservatism of the Romans in matters of religion is a generally accepted truth and it is in many ways a very obvious truth. I have no intention of denying it. They set a very high value on their
The Development of Roman Imperialism
William Harris' War and Imperialism (Oxford, 1979) has already received a long review in last year's Journal (70 (1980) 177 f.) by A. N. Sherwin White; but the importance of the book and of its theme
The Jews among pagans and Christians : in the Roman Empire
M. Hengel, University of T^D:ubingen, H. Drijvers, University of Groningen, Fergus Millar, Oxford University and M. Goodman, Oxford University