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Molecular structure of alcohol-water mixtures.
The x-ray emission spectroscopy results provide a new explanation for a smaller entropy increase in the solution due to water molecules bridging methanol chains to form rings.
The electronic structure of polyaniline and doped phases studied by soft X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies
The electronic structure of the conjugated polymer, polyaniline, has been studied by resonant and nonresonant soft x-ray emission spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation for the excitation. The
Resonant soft X-ray fluorescence spectra of molecules
A review is presented of some recent advancements in resonant soft X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy applied to molecules. The concept of inelastic scattering is discussed for molecules with an eleme
Bond formation in titanium fulleride compounds studied through x-ray emission spectroscopy - art. no. 115117
The geometric and electronic structures of titanium fulleride complexes have been studied at the gradient corrected density-functional theory level by using various C60Tix (x=1,2) clusters. The clu
X-ray emission spectroscopy of hydrogen bonding and electronic structure of liquid water.
This work uses x-ray emission spectroscopy to examine the influence of the intermolecular interaction on the local electronic structure of liquid water and finds a strong involvement of the a(1)-symmetry valence-orbital in the hydrogen bonding.
Soft x-ray emission spectroscopy using monochromatized synchrotron radiation (invited)
Soft x‐ray emission spectroscopy is a common tool for the study of the electronic structure of molecules and solids. However, the interpretation of spectra is sometimes made difficult by overlaying
Resonant X-ray Raman spectra of Cu dd excitations in Sr2CUO2Cl2
We present resonant x-ray Raman scattering results on Sr2CuO2Cl2, a model compound for high-T-c superconductors. We demonstrate that the dd excitations can be observed and show that the polarizatio
Solid electrolyte interphase on graphite Li-ion battery anodes studied by soft X-ray spectroscopy
We have measured X-ray absorption and emission near the C 1s edge of graphite electrodes cycled in lithium-ion battery cells. Resonantly excited emission spectra of graphite electrodes exhibit