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Nuclear ground state masses and deformations
Abstract We tabulate the atomic mass excesses and nuclear ground-state deformations of 8979 nuclei ranging from 16O to A = 339. The calculations are based on the finite-range droplet macroscopicExpand
Nuclear properties for astrophysical and radioactive-ion-beam applications
Abstract We tabulate the ground-state odd-proton and odd-neutron spins and parities, proton and neutron pairing gaps, one- and two-neutron separation energies, quantities related to β -delayed one-Expand
Prompt fission neutron spectra and average prompt neutron multiplicities
We present a new method for calculating the prompt fission neutron spectrum N(E) and average prompt neutron multiplicity anti nu/sub p/ as functions of the fissioning nucleus and its excitationExpand
Unified nuclear potential for heavy-ion elastic scattering, fusion, fission, and ground-state masses and deformations
We develop a unified nuclear potential for the description of large-scale nuclear collective motion and find that it satisfactorily reproduces experimental data for heavy-ion elastic scattering,Expand
One-body dissipation and the super-viscidity of nuclei
Abstract This is a study of a type of fluid dynamics dominated by a “one-body” dissipation mechanism expected to be relevant for an assembly of particles whose mean free paths are comparable to orExpand
Abstract In connection with nuclear fission we study the division of an idealized charged drop, using a simplified version of the liquid-drop model. The degrees of freedom essential to a discussionExpand
Calculation of half-lives for superheavy nuclei
Abstract We have performed a new calculation of the half-lives of superheavy nuclei with respect to spontaneous fission, α-decay and β-decay (including electron capture). The half-lives areExpand
Nuclear pairing models
Abstract We calculate nuclear pairing gaps for nuclei throughout the periodic system in both the BCS and Lipkin-Nogami pairing models. The energy levels required for the calculations are obtainedExpand