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Five isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids from Glycyrrhiza eurycarpa
Abstract A new prenylated dibenzoylmethane, kanzonol A, and a new chalcone, kanzonol B, along with two new isoprenoid-substituted flavones, kanzonols D and E were isolated from the roots ofExpand
Five new isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids, kanzonols F-J, from Glycyrrhiza uralensis
A new isoprenoid-substituted pterocarpan derivative, kanzonol F, a new isoflavanone derivative, kanzonol G, and three new isoflavan derivatives, kanzonols H, I, J, were isolated from GlycyrrhizaExpand
Five new isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids, kanzonols M, P and R, from two glycyrrhiza species
Three new formylated isoflavan derivatives, kanzonols M, N, and O, and a new prenylated pterocarpan derivative, kanzonol P, were isolated from Glycyrrhiza uralensis along with kanzonol QExpand
Variations in the chemical shift of the 5-hydroxyl proton of isoflavones; two isoflavones from licorice
Abstract 1H NMR examination of 6- or 8-prenylated isoflavones has shown that the location of the prenyl side chain on the A ring can be deduced from the chemical shift of the 5-hydroxyl proton. TheExpand
The Mathematical Analysis of the Human Platelet Aggregation Mechanism and Its Clinical Application
Studies on platelet aggregation have been promoted remarkably by the aggregometer, which has provided graphic data on the process of this phenomenon. But the curves were modified variously byExpand