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A measurement study of google play
Although millions of users download and use third-party Android applications from the Google Play store, little information is known on an aggregated level about these applications. We have builtExpand
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The design and implementation of Zap: a system for migrating computing environments
We have created Zap, a novel system for transparent migration of legacy and networked applications. Zap provides a thin virtualization layer on top of the operating system that introduces pods, whichExpand
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KVM/ARM: the design and implementation of the linux ARM hypervisor
As ARM CPUs become increasingly common in mobile devices and servers, there is a growing demand for providing the benefits of virtualization for ARM-based devices. We present our experiences buildingExpand
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Cells: a virtual mobile smartphone architecture
Smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous, and many users carry multiple phones to accommodate work, personal, and geographic mobility needs. We present Cells, a virtualization architecture forExpand
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Mobile Communication with Virtual Network Address Translation
Virtual Network Address Translation (VNAT) is a novel architecture that allows transparent migration of end-to-end live network connections associated with various computation units. Such computationExpand
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On the performance of wide-area thin-client computing
While many application service providers have proposed using thin-client computing to deliver computational services over the Internet, little work has been done to evaluate the effectiveness ofExpand
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Transparent, lightweight application execution replay on commodity multiprocessor operating systems
We present Scribe, the first system to provide transparent, low-overhead application record-replay and the ability to go live from replayed execution. Scribe introduces new lightweight operatingExpand
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Measuring thin-client performance using slow-motion benchmarking
Modern thin-client systems are designed to provide the same graphical interfaces and applications available on traditional desktop computers while centralizing administration and allowing moreExpand
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Virtual-Time Round-Robin: An O(1) Proportional Share Scheduler
Proportional share resource management provides a flexible and useful abstraction for multiplexing timeshared resources. However, previous proportional share mechanisms have either weak proportionalExpand
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