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Evidence for inversion polymorphism related to sympatric host race formation in the apple maggot fly, Rhagoletis pomonella.
Substantial gametic disequilibrium is found among allozyme and complementary DNA markers encompassing the three chromosomal regions differentiating apple and hawthorn flies, suggesting that genes affecting diapause traits involved in host race formation reside within large complexes of rearranged genes. Expand
Human malaria diagnosis using a single-step direct-PCR based on the Plasmodium cytochrome oxidase III gene
The COX-III single direct PCR is an alternative method for accurate detection of Plasmodium microscopic and submicroscopic infections in humans, especially when a large number of samples require screening. Expand
Characterization of xenogeneic mouse-to-rat bone marrow chimeras. I. Examination of hematologic and immunologic function.
Reactions as a whole suggested that gnotobiotic rats with xenogeneic bone marrow are incompletely reconstituted, both hematologically and immunologically. Expand
Fast and robust single PCR for Plasmodium sporozoite detection in mosquitoes using the cytochrome oxidase I gene
This new COX-I PCR adapted for a single PCR reaction is a faster, simpler, cheaper, more sensitive technique amenable to high-throughput analyses for Plasmodium DNA detection in mosquitoes and is comparable to the 18s-rRNA nested PCR. Expand
Anopheles cinereus implicated as a vector of malaria transmission in the highlands of north-west Ethiopia
BackgroundTransmission of malaria in the highlands of Ethiopia is poorly understood and usually attributed to importation by mobile populations or local transmission by Anopheles arabiensis. ToExpand