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INCA: An Agent-Based Network Control Architecture
This paper describes the design and implementation of INCA, an open architecture for the distributed management of multi-service networks and systems applications. Expand
Smx -script Mib Extensibility Protocol Version 1.0
The IETF Script MIB deenes a standard MIB interface for the delegation of management functions based on the Internet management framework. A management script is a set of instructions that areExpand
Towards the Seamless Integration of Mobile Agents into Service Creation Practice
This paper explains in detail the necessity of a careful introduction of mobility in traditional service creation practices and concludes with a guideline to maximize the temporal and spatial locality of invocations between distributed service components. Expand
An Exploration of Modular Programs
We compare the module systems of Standard ML and Haskell 1.3, two widely used functional languages, and a Haskell variant equipped with first class structures. Expand
A rule language for network policies
This position paper outlines the design and implementation of a multi-purpose policy definition language, referred to as PFDL. The language is used in a prototypical policy server to implement theExpand
Component-based policy deployment for service level differentiation in converging communication networks
This paper proposes the abstract switch toolkit, a component-based flexible and scalable framework for defining and administrating network resource usage with regard to QoS, routing and accounting. Expand