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Modernizing Governance: New Labour, Policy and Society
Introduction and the Question of Governance Understanding Governance The Dynamics of Institutional Change The Third Way Modernizing Social Democracy Modernizing Government The Politics of ReformExpand
The Managerial State: Power, Politics and Ideology in the Remaking of Social Welfare
Authors John Clarke and Janet Newman present an original analysis of the creation of new state forms that critically examines the political forces that enabled "more and better management" to beExpand
Public Participation and Collaborative Governance
This paper draws on the findings of a study within the ESRC's Democracy and Participation Programme. It explores the processes of participation within deliberative forums – such as user panels, youthExpand
The alchemy of austerity
The return of austerity has provoked social conflict, political controversy and academic disputes. In this article we explore some of these through the metaphor of an ‘alchemy of austerity’ thatExpand
Power, Participation and Political Renewal: Case studies in public participation
Introduction Participation in context Inclusive democracy and social movements Shaping public participation: public bodies and their publics Re-forming services Neighbourhood and community governanceExpand
Constituting ‘the public’ in public participation
The emphasis on public participation in contemporary policy discourse has prompted the development of a wide range of forums within which dialogue takes place between citizens and officials. OftenExpand
Landscapes of antagonism: Local governance, neoliberalism and austerity
This paper offers an engagement with theoretical deficits in some uses of neoliberalism as an explanatory concept. It draws on theories of ideology, of governmentality and of assemblage to offerExpand
Recent research: The micro-politics of deliberation: Case studies in public participation
The contemporary emphasis on public participation in policy making derives both from concerns to increase the legitimacy of public decision making and to develop more dialogic forms of governance,Expand
The 'double dynamics' of activation: institutions, citizens and the remaking of welfare governance.
Purpose – This paper aims to explore activation policy as a condensate for new forms of governance in respect of welfare institutions and in relation to welfare subjects. It asks how far apparentlyExpand
Creating Citizen-Consumers: Changing Publics and Changing Public Services
This book is about a strange figure - the demanding and sceptical citizen-consumer. We explore how s/he was discovered and interpreted and - most importantly - how s/he came to play a cetral role inExpand