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Identification of a host galaxy at redshift z = 3.42 for the γ-ray burst of 14 December 1997
Knowledge of the properties of γ-ray bursts has increased substantially following recent detections of counterparts at X-ray, optical and radio wavelengths. But the nature of the underlying physicalExpand
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Deviations from the Local Hubble Flow. I. The Tip of the Red Giant Branch as a Distance Indicator
The properties of the velocity field in the local volume (cz < 550 km s-1) have been difficult to constrain because of a lack of a consistent set of galaxy distances. The sparse observationsExpand
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Dependence of galaxy quenching on halo mass and distance from its centre
We study the dependence of star-formation quenching on galaxy mass and environment, in the SDSS (z~0.1) and the AEGIS (z~1). It is crucial that we define quenching by low star-formation rate ratherExpand
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Widespread and Hidden Active Galactic Nuclei in Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshift > 0.3
We characterize the incidence of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) in 0.3 < z < 1 star-forming galaxies by applying multi-wavelength AGN diagnostics (X-ray, optical, mid-infrared, radio) to a sample ofExpand
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The nature of massive transition galaxies in CANDELS, GAMA and cosmological simulations
We explore observational and theoretical constraints on how galaxies might transition between the 'star-forming main sequence' (SFMS) and varying 'degrees of quiescence' out to z = 3. Our analysis isExpand
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Science-Driven Optimization of the LSST Observing Strategy
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is designed to provide an unprecedented optical imaging dataset that will support investigations of our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, across half the sky andExpand
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Assessing Dual-Role Staff-Interpreter Linguistic Competency in an Integrated Healthcare System
BackgroundInterpreter services for medical care increase physician–patient communication and safety, yet a “formal certification” process to demonstrate interpreter competence does not exist. TestingExpand
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The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer
The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer is a next-generation massively multiplexed spectroscopic facility currently under development in Hawaii. It is completely dedicated to large-scale spectroscopicExpand
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CC1-03: Documentations of Advanced Health Care Directives in the Electronic Health Record: Where Are They?
Background/Aims Advanced Care planning is becoming a major public health concern. The ambulatory care setting is a new frontier for delivery of palliative care services. Understanding patients’Expand
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