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Theory of Games and Economic Behavior.
This is the classic work upon which modern-day game theory is based. What began more than sixty years ago as a modest proposal that a mathematician and an economist write a short paper together
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics was a revolutionary book that caused a sea change in theoretical physics. Here, John von Neumann, one of the leading mathematicians of the twentieth
Probabilistic Logic and the Synthesis of Reliable Organisms from Unreliable Components
The paper that follows is based on notes taken by Dr. R. S. Pierce on five lectures given by the author at the California Institute of Technology in January 1952, and it is the author's conviction that error should be treated by thermodynamic methods, and be the subject of a thermodynamical theory.
Theory Of Self Reproducing Automata
This invention relates to prefabricated buildings and comprises a central unit having a peripheral section therearound to form a main residential part defined by an assembly of juxtaposed roofing and facing trusses.
The Logic of Quantum Mechanics
One of the aspects of quantum theory which has attracted the most general attention, is the novelty of the logical notions which it presupposes. It asserts that even a complete mathematical
First draft of a report on the EDVAC
  • J. Neumann
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 1 October 1993
The first draft of a report on the EDVAC written by John von Neumann is presented and is seen as the definitive source for understanding the nature and design of a general-purpose digital computer.
On an Algebraic generalization of the quantum mechanical formalism
One of us has shown that the statistical properties of the measurements of a quantum mechanical system assume their simplest form when expressed in terms of a certain hypercomplex algebra which is