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Does Outdoor Education Really Work? A Summary Of Recent Meta-Analyses
As the empirical literature about the effects of outdoor education grows, it is important that emerging trends are reviewed and the implications for practice discussed. Traditional reviews of theExpand
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Social motivations of live-streaming viewer engagement on Twitch
We used an eight-factor socio-motivational model, based on Uses and Gratifications Theory, to explain four aspects of live-stream viewer engagement. Expand
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Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Reliability of the Mental Health Inventory for Australian Adolescents
Ostroff, Woolverton, Berry, and Lesko in 1996 examined the adolescent subsample of Veit and Ware's 1983 normative data for the Mental Health Inventory and recommended a two-factor rather than theExpand
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Gender: How does it effect the outdoor education experience?
As the literature about outdoor education grows, it is important that emerging trends are reviewed and the implications for practice discussed. Gender is arguably the most ubiquitous individualExpand
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Project work and life skills: Psychometric properties of the life effectiveness questionnaire for project work
The present study examined the psychometric properties of the Life Effectiveness Questionnaire – Version H (LEQ-H), an instrument for the assessment of life skills in project work (PW) context withExpand
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Outdoor Education in the Schools : What can it achieve ?
Although outdoor education has become firmly established in many school curriculums, it remains unclear what this has achieved. This paper reviews the current state of research on a wide range ofExpand
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Cultural adaptation in outdoor programming
Outdoor programs often intentionally provide a different culture and the challenge of working out how to adapt. Failure to adapt, however, can cause symptoms of culture shock, including homesickness,Expand
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Australian Identity and the Effect of an Outdoor Education Program
In this study we investigated the relationship between adolescents' self-expressed identification with Australia and changes in measures of personal development following an outdoor educationExpand
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Teaching intercultural competencies in introductory psychology via application of the Excellence in Cultural Experiential Learning and Leadership model
Abstract This article describes a pilot evaluation involving teaching and learning activities focussed on developing intercultural competencies in an undergraduate psychology unit. Specifically,Expand
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I'm just trolling: The role of normative beliefs in aggressive behaviour in online gaming
We test if gamers normalise aggression in games and whether these normative beliefs explain their aggressive behaviour in games. Expand
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