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Nonrelativistic conformal groups
In this work a systematic study of finite-dimensional nonrelativistic conformal groups is carried out under two complementary points of view. First, the conformal Killing equation is solved to obtainExpand
Second-order supersymmetric periodic potentials
Abstract Irreducible second-order SUSY transformations are applied to periodic Hamiltonians in order to find physically acceptable partner potentials with the same band structure as the initial one.Expand
The Perlick system type I: From the algebra of symmetries to the geometry of the trajectories
Abstract In this paper, we investigate the main algebraic properties of the maximally superintegrable system known as “Perlick system type I”. All possible values of the relevant parameters, K and β,Expand
Heisenberg-type higher order symmetries of superintegrable systems separable in cartesian coordinates
Heisenberg-type higher order symmetries are studied for both classical and quantum mechanical systems separable in cartesian coordinates. A few particular cases of this type of superintegrableExpand
Factorizations of one-dimensional classical systems
Abstract A class of one-dimensional classical systems is characterized from an algebraic point of view. The Hamiltonians of these systems are factorized in terms of two functions that together withExpand
Exact analytic solutions for a Dirac electron moving in graphene under magnetic fields.
The factorization method used in supersymmetric quantum mechanics is adapted to solve the time-independent Dirac-Weyl equation and the behavior of the discrete spectrum, probability and current densities are discussed. Expand
Bound states and scattering coefficients of the −aδ(x)+bδ′(x)−aδ(x)+bδ′(x) potential
We show that a one-dimensional Schrodinger equation in which the potential is a delta well plus a δ′δ′ interaction at the same point has a bound state, and we obtain the energy of this bound state inExpand
Traveling-Wave Solutions for Korteweg–de Vries–Burgers Equations through Factorizations
Traveling-wave solutions of the standard and compound form of Korteweg–de Vries–Burgers equations are found using factorizations of the corresponding reduced ordinary differential equations. TheExpand
Travelling wave solutions of the generalized Benjamin–Bona–Mahony equation
Abstract A class of particular travelling wave solutions of the generalized Benjamin–Bona–Mahony equation is studied systematically using the factorization technique. Then, the general travellingExpand
Classical motion and coherent states for Poschl-Teller potentials
The trigonometric and hyperbolic Poschl–Teller potentials are dealt with from the point of view of classical and quantum mechanics. We show that there is a natural correspondence between theExpand