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Verification and Validation: High Charge and Energy (Hze) Transport Codes and Future Development
In the present paper, we give the formalism for further developing a fully three-dimensional HZETRN code using marching procedures but also development of a new Green's function code is discussed.Expand
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BRYNTRN: A baryon transport model
The development of an interaction data base and a numerical solution to the transport of baryons through an arbitrary shield material based on a straight ahead approximation of the Boltzmann equationExpand
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Radiation safety aspects of commercial high-speed flight transportation
High-speed commercial flight transportation is being studied for intercontinental operations in the 21st century, the projected operational characteristics for these aircraft are examined, theExpand
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Temporal analysis of the October 1989 proton flare using computerized anatomical models.
The GOES-7 time history data of hourly averaged integral proton fluxes at various particle kinetic energies are analyzed for the solar proton event that occurred between October 19 and 29, 1989. ByExpand
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Radiation protection for human missions to the Moon and Mars
Radiation protection assessments are performed for advanced Lunar and Mars manned missions. The Langley cosmic ray transport code and the nucleon transport code are used to quantify the transport andExpand
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Cellular Track Model of Biological Damage to Mammalian Cell Cultures From Galactic Cosmic Rays
The assessment of biological damage from the galactic cosmic rays (GCR) is a current interest for exploratory class space missions where the highly ionizing, high-energy, high-charge ions (HZE)Expand
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Dynamic/Anisotropic Low Earth Orbit Environmental Models
The first level of space infrastructure is represented by the International Space Station (ISS), which is now permanently occupied by space career astronauts. It is imperative that we understand theExpand
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International space station: A testbed for experimental and computational dosimetry
Abstract The ISS and the prior station Mir provided the proving ground for future human long-duration space activity. A recent European Space Agency study recommended “Measurement campaigns on theExpand
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A digital computer program for calculating the performance of single or multiple diaphragm shock tubes for arbitrary equilibrium real gas mixtures
A DIGITAL COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR CALCULATING THE PERFORMANCE OF SINGLE- OR MULTIPLE-DIAPHRAGM SHOCK TUBES FOR ARBITRARY EQUILIBRIUM REAL GAS MIXTURES A computer program written in FORTRAN IV language is presented which deter- mines the performance of a shock tube for arbitrary real gas mixtures. Expand
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Radiation exposure for manned Mars surface missions
The Langley cosmic ray transport code and the Langley nucleon transport code (BRYNTRN) are used to quantify the transport and attenuation of galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and solar proton flares throughExpand
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