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Resource use conflicts in Usangu Plains, Mbarali District, Tanzania
SUMMARY Conflicts over natural resources such as land, water, and forests are ubiquitous. People everywhere have competed for natural resources to enhance their livelihoods. However, the dimensions,Expand
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Impact of indigenous‐based interventions on land conservation: a case study of a soil conservation and agroforestry project, Arumeru District, Tanzania
Land degradation has been identified as a serious problem in Tanzania since the 1920s. Among the factors normally cited as contributing to land degradation are deforestation, overgrazing andExpand
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The impact of community-based forest management and joint forest management on the forest resource base and local people’s livelihoods: Case studies from Tanzania
Center for Applied Social Sciences, University of Zimbabwe Institute for Poverty Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS)
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Household Tree Planting In Kilosa District, Tanzania
The objective of this study was to assess household tree planting efforts and to investigate current constraints to afforestation in Kilosa District, Tanzania. The results of the study showed that 77Expand
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Agroforestry practice in villages surrounding Nyamure former refugee camp, Nyanza District: tree species and purpose
An assessment of fuel wood situation and the contribution of agroforestry and woodlot resources to the supply of household fuel wood requirements were carried out in ten villages surrounding NyamureExpand
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Recent land cover and use changes in Miombo woodlands of eastern Tanzania
Forest and wood land ecosystems in Tanzania occupy more than 45% of the land area, more than two thirds of which made up of the Miombo woodland. The main form of land use in the Miombo region hasExpand
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Investigation of survival rate of trees planted in agroforestry and forest plantations in HuyeDistrict from 2007 to 2011 and underlying factors
This study was conducted in Huye District from December 2011 to June 2012, with aiming to investigate the survival rate of trees planted on private and public land from 2007-2011 and underlyingExpand
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The Influence Of Socio-Economic Factors On The Level Of Knowledge, Domestication And Retention Of Medicinal Plants: The Case Of Duru-Haitemba Villages, Babati District, Tanzania
In developing countries, the majority of local people rely largely on medicinal plants to treat common diseases. This reliance is due to a number of reasons among which economic and culturalExpand
Biomass production and nutrient content of three agroforestry tree species growing on an acid Anthropic Ferralsol under recurrent harvesting at different cutting heights
Agroforestry systems may alleviate challenges relating to soil degradation and low livestock production for smallholder farmers. Species-adjusted management regimes will determine how agroforestryExpand
Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) Regeneration by Cuttings: Comparative Study of Planting Methods of Culm Cuttings at UR-CAVM Busogo Campus Tree Nursery
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and highest yielding renewable resources with multiple uses in the world. Lack of seedlings in sufficient number has generally been a major constraint inExpand