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Design and development of a 1 kW-class helicon antenna thruster
A Helicon Plasma Thruster prototype in the 0.5–1.5 kW range is being designed and built by EP2 and SENER. The prototype is proposed as a flexible testing platform for different geometries, magneticExpand
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Investigation of Plasma-wave Interaction in Helicon Antenna Thrusters
Plasma-wave interaction is a central physical process in plasma production and heating in helicon plasma thrusters. In this paper, a plasma-antenna radially linear model is used to characterize theExpand
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Research and Pedagogy - A History of Quantum Physics through Its Textbooks
There is the strong tendency to consider a textbook as the depository of the settled and undisputable results of a theory. It is required by its pedagogical function that the subject be presented inExpand
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“A dedicated missionary”. Charles Galton Darwin and the new quantum mechanics in Britain
Abstract In this paper I discuss the work on quantum physics and wave mechanics by Charles Galton Darwin, a Cambridge wrangler of the last generation, as a case study to better understand the earlyExpand
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A History of the Electron: J. J. and G. P. Thomson
Introduction 1. The early years in Manchester and Cambridge 2. J. J. Thomson's early work in Cambridge: a continuous and all-embracing physics 3. The ether and the corpuscle: from waves to particlesExpand
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Electron diffraction chez Thomson: early responses to quantum physics in Britain
  • J. Navarro
  • Philosophy
  • The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 5 February 2010
Abstract In 1927, George Paget Thomson, professor at the University of Aberdeen, obtained photographs that he interpreted as evidence for electron diffraction. These photographs were in totalExpand
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J. J. Thomson on the Nature of Matter: Corpuscles and the Continuum
Abstract.  Historical accounts of the work of J. J. Thomson find a contradiction in his work. On the one hand, he is presented as a Maxwellian theoretical physicist dealing with a typically VictorianExpand
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