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A long in situ section of the lower ocean crust: results of {ODP} Leg 176 drilling at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Ocean Drilling Program Leg 176 deepened Hole 735B in gabbroic lower ocean crust by 1 km to 1.5 km. The section has the physical properties of seismic layer 3, and a total magnetization sufficient byExpand
Binary mixing of enriched and undegassed (primitive?) mantle components (He, Sr, Nd, Pb) in Samoan lavas
We have measured He, Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope ratios and Rb, Sr, Sm, and Nd concentrations in stratigraphically controlled lavas from the Pago shield volcano on Tutuila, American Samoa. We interpretExpand
Isotopic and geochemical provinces of the western Indian Ocean Spreading Centers
Basalt glasses from the Central Indian Ridge are distinct isotopically from mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB) of the Indian Ocean triple junction and western few hundred kilometers of the SoutheastExpand
Southwestern limits of Indian Ocean Ridge Mantle and the origin of low 206Pb/204Pb mid‐ocean ridge basalt: Isotope systematics of the central Southwest Indian Ridge (17°–50°E)
Basalts from the Southwest Indian Ridge reflect a gradual, irregular isotopic transition in the MORB (mid-ocean ridge basalt) source mantle between typical Indian Ocean-type compositions on the eastExpand
Primary silicate mineral chemistry of a 1.5-km section of very slow spreading lower ocean crust: ODP Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge
We present a synthesis of some 20,504 mineral analyses of ~500 Hole 735B gabbros, including 10,236 new analyses conducted for this paper. These are used to construct a mineral stratigraphy forExpand
Abstract The Samoan Islands, along with numerous seamounts and banks, form a 1200 km long linear volcanic chain at the north end of the Tonga Trench. The linear volcanic chain is nearly parallel toExpand
Temporal and Geochemical Variability of Volcanic Products of the Marquesas Hotspot
The Marquesas archipelago is a short, NW-SE trending cluster of islands and seamounts that formed as a result of volcanic activity over a weak hotspot. This volcanic chain lies at the northern marginExpand
Melt migration through high-level gabbroic cumulates of the East Pacific Rise at Hess Deep : The origin of magma lenses and the deep crustal structure of fast-spreading ridges
the growth of ocean crust. Gabbroic rocks from Hess Deep, drilled during ODP Leg 147, record processes of melt migration and channelized magma flow and provide direct evidence that the entireExpand