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re-thinking intersectionality
Intersectionality has become the primary analytic tool that feminist and anti-racist scholars deploy for theorizing identity and oppression. This paper exposes and critically interrogates theExpand
Practicing Love: Black Feminism, Love-Politics, and Post-Intersectionality
This article examines the consolidation of love into a black feminist politics during second-wave feminism. By reading love-politics as both a practice of the self and a nonidentitarian strategy forExpand
'Home Truths' on Intersectionality
In the wake of intersectionality's trans-disciplinary institutionalization, this Article considers how the meaning and practice of intersectionality has changed in different historical moments. ThisExpand
Shifting analytics and linking theories: A conversation about the “meaning-making” of intersectionality and transnational feminism
Synopsis Transnational feminism and intersectionality have been widely celebrated in women's studies and feminist scholarship as a theory, framework, and politics. As antiracist feminist scholars whoExpand
Feminist originalism: Intersectionality and the politics of reading
This article examines the growing body of commemorative feminist work on intersectionality – the myriad journals and books that have marked intersectionality’s twentieth anniversary and celebratedExpand
Institutionalizing the Margins
DOI 10.1215/01642472-2391333 © 2014 Duke University Press Since intersectionality’s emergence1 two decades ago as a juridical intervention that exposes the violence antidiscrimination law inflicts onExpand
Black Anality
“Black Anality” argues that “black” and “anal” are rendered ideologically, discursively, and representationally synonymous, and that black female flesh becomes the material space on which thisExpand
Theorizing pleasure: New directions in black feminist studies
Black women's sexuality has routinely been described "as an absence.'" Hortense Spiller's oft-quoted lines analogizing black women to "the beached whales of the sexual universe, unvoiced, misseen,Expand