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Introduction to Cosmology
Foreword by Professor Sir Fred Hoyle 1. The large-scale structure of the universe 2. General relativity 3. From relativity to cosmology 4. The Friedman models 5. Relics of the Big Bang 6. The veryExpand
A Different Approach To Cosmology
Modern cosmology began with the solutions to Einstein's theory of gravity discovered by Aleksandr Friedmann and Georges Lemaitre in the 1920s. When combined with the Hubble redshift‐distanceExpand
Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei: An Introduction
Preface Acknowledgements Acronyms and abbreviations 1. Historical background 2. The cosmological framework 3. Radiative processes - I 4. Radiative processes - II 5. The standard model 6. Surveys 7.Expand
On the Nature of Mass
A possible explanation of the data is given here in terms of a theory that incorporates a gravitational “constant” that is decreasing with time. Expand
Mach’s principle and the creation of matter
This is a short report of a small contribution to a very old problem, the problem expressed by Newton in the following well-known words: ‘The effects which distinguish absolute motion from relativeExpand
A Quasi--Steady State Cosmological Model with Creation of Matter
A universe is envisioned in which there was a major creation episode when the mean universal density was about 10 to the -27 g/cu cm. Explicit equations are given for the creation of matter; in aExpand
On the avoidance of singularities in C-field cosmology
It is well known that a spherically symmetric imploding cold body collapses into a space-time singularity in general relativity. The singularity does not arise, however, in the modification of theExpand