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Being Singular Plural
Preface 1. Of being singular plural 2. War, right, sovereignty - Techne 3. Eulogy for the Mele e 4. The surprice of the event 5. Human excess 6. Cosmos Baselius Notes.
The Inoperative Community
The inoperative community Myth interrupted "Literary communism" Shattered love Of divine places
The Creation of the World or Globalization
This article attends to the film’s re-reading of Melville in terms of a presentation of an a-religious religion. The film’s display of beauty and its engagement with both the sufficiency andExpand
The Ground Of The Image
If anything marks the image, it is a deep ambivalence. Denounced as superficial, illusory, and groundless, images are at the same time attributed with exorbitant power and assigned a privilegedExpand
The birth to presence
The epoch of representation is as old as the West. Indeed, representation is the West, understood as what at once designates and expands its own limits. But what comes after the West? What comesExpand
La Comparution/The Compearance
The "postmodem" has already come to closure; perhaps it never happened. More accurately, that which this term may have described or reflected (not without a certain degree of accuracy) appears toExpand
The Experience Of Freedom
This is the most systematic, the most radical, and the most lucid treatise on freedom that has been written in contemporary Continental philosophy. Finding its guiding motives in Kant's secondExpand
We call ‘a foreign body’ any kind of object, piece, part or substance introduced more or less fortuitously into a system or a milieu, if not organic as such, at least considered homogeneous andExpand
The Literary Absolute: The Theory of Literature in German Romanticism.
title : The Literary Absolute : The Theory of Literature in German Romanticism Intersections (Albany, N.Y.) author : Lacoue-Labarthe, Philippe.; Nancy, Jean-Luc. publisher : State University of NewExpand