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Complete Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Using Autologous Bone Marrow Cell Transplantation and Bone Marrow Stimulation with Granulocyte Macrophage‐Colony Stimulating Factor: Phase I/II Clinical Trial
The BMC transplantation and GM‐CSF administration were not associated with any serious adverse clinical events increasing morbidities, and the AIS grade increased in 30.4% of the acute and subacute treated patients, whereas no significant improvement was observed in the chronic treatment group.
Minimization of Immunosuppressive Therapy After Islet Transplantation: Combined Action of Heme Oxygenase‐1 and PEGylation to Islet
It is demonstrated that the combinatorial protocol of initial induction of heme oxygenase‐1 expression, followed by the daily administration of a low dose CsA after transplantation of PEGylated islets can be employed as a successful cell therapy in clinical islet transplantation.
Pharmacokinetic comparison of amlodipine adipate/valsartan fixed-dose combination with amlodipine besylate/valsartan fixed-dose combination in healthy volunteers.
The newly developed FDC of amlodipine adipate/valsartan and amlidipine besylate / valsartan combination tablets met the regulatory criteria for bioequivalence and no significant difference was observed in the safety assessments between two treatments.