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Spitzer IRS Spectroscopy of IRAS-discovered Debris Disks*
We have obtained Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) 5.5-35 μm spectra of 59 main-sequence stars that possess IRAS 60 μm excess. The spectra of five objects possess spectral features
The K2 Mission: Characterization and Early Results
The K2 mission will make use of the Kepler spacecraft and its assets to expand upon Kepler's groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of exoplanets and astrophysics through new and exciting
Magnetocentrifugally driven flows from young stars and disks. 1: A generalized model
We propose a generalized model for stellar spin-down, disk accretion, and truncation, and the origin of winds, jets, and bipolar outflows from young stellar objects. We consider the steady state
Disks in Transition in the Taurus Population: Spitzer IRS Spectra of GM Aurigae and DM Tauri
We present Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) observations of two objects of the Taurus population that show unambiguous signs of clearing in their inner disks. In one of the objects, DM Tau, the
Gas in the Terrestrial Planet Region of Disks: CO Fundamental Emission from T Tauri Stars
We report the results of a high-resolution spectroscopic survey for CO fundamental emission from T Tauri stars. CO fundamental emission is frequently detected, with the likely origin of the emission
X-Ray Ionization of Protoplanetary Disks
In the light of new observations of star forming regions by the Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA) and by ROSAT, we assess the ability of young stars to ionize their own
Overview of the DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys
Author(s): Huang, L; Dey, A; Schlegel, DJ; Lang, D; Blum, R; Burleigh, K; Fan, X; Findlay, JR; Finkbeiner, D; Herrera, D; Juneau, S; Landriau, M; Levi, M; McGreer, I; Meisner, A; Myers, AD;
Neon Fine-Structure Line Emission By X-ray Irradiated Protoplanetary Disks
Using a thermal-chemical model for the generic T Tauri disk of D'Alessio and colleagues, we estimate the strength of the fine-structure emission lines of Ne II and Ne III at 12.81 and 15.55 μm that
Organic Molecules and Water in the Planet Formation Region of Young Circumstellar Disks
It is reported here that the protoplanetary disk within 3 astronomical units of AA Tauri possesses a rich molecular emission spectrum in the mid-infrared, indicating a high abundance of simple organic molecules, water vapor, and OH.
Discovery of Hα Emission from the Close Companion inside the Gap of Transitional Disk HD 142527
We utilized the new high-order 585 actuator Magellan Adaptive Optics system (MagAO) to obtain very high-resolution visible light images of HD 142527 with MagAO's VisAO science camera. In the median