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An Active Pulse Transmission Line Simulating Nerve Axon
To electronically simulate an animal nerve axon, the authors made an active pulse transmission line using tunnel diodes. The equation of propagation for this line is the same as that for a simplifiedExpand
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A learning method for system identification
  • J. Nagumo, A. Noda
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 1 June 1967
A method for system identification is proposed which is based on the error-correcting training procedure in learning machines, and is referred to as "learning identification." This learningExpand
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On a response characteristic of a mathematical neuron model
A mathematical neuron model in the form of a nonlinear difference equation is proposed and its response characteristic is investigated.If a sequence of pulses with a fixed frequency is applied to theExpand
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Chaos and phase locking in normal squid axons
Abstract By using periodic current stimulation, chaotic potential responses could be evoked in squid axons immersed in normal seawater. the occurence of intermittent chaos arose through a subcriticalExpand
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Bistable Transmission Lines
The paper introduces two types of active transmission lines having two stable states of equilibrium. In these, a transition from one state to the other is transmitted along the line and theExpand
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Self-Oscillation in a Transmission Line with a Tunnel Diode
Self-oscillation is observed in a transmission line with a tunnel diode on one end. The voltage waveform across and the current waveform through the tunnel diode are, in general, pulse form orExpand
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Pulse sequences generated by a degenerate analog neuron model
The response characteristics of an electronic neuron model proposed by the authors are investigated. Periodic stimulating pulse sequences with a fixed frequency are applied to the analog neuron modelExpand
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Information Processing Using a Model of Associative Memory
Association mechanisms are considered to play Important roles in thinking in the human brain. Expand
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Echo capsule for medical use;a battery-less endoradiosonde.
  • J. Nagumo
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • 1 July 1962
A new type of a swallowable radio transmitter, ECHO CAPSULE, is described along with some clinical experiments. Unlike other similar capsules which have been reported, this capsule contains noExpand
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[A model of associative memory].
  • K. Nakano, J. Nagumo
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Iyo denshi to seitai kogaku. Japanese journal of…
  • 1 April 1972
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