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Democracy in Plural Societies: A Comparative Exploration
While it may be difficult to achieve and maintain stable democratic governments in countries with deep religious, ideological, linguistic, cultural, or ethnic cleavages, Lijphart argues that it is
what is a Malay? situational selection of ethnic identity in a plural society
Most studies to date of ethnic relations, ethnic boundaries, and criteria used to define ethnic status have been biased toward a particular “assimilationist” model drawn from experience in North
Religious Ideology and Social Change: The Islamic Revival in Malaysia
HE WORLD CANNOT BUT BE IMPRESSED by the resurgence of a newly confident and powerful Islam, whose political and economic impact has affected the course of many events during the late 1970s. The
Christianity among Transnational Chinese: Religious versus (Sub)ethnic Affiliation
The approximately 5 per cent of the diaspora Chinese who are Christian are faced with the question as to whether religious or sectarian affiliation takes priority over Chinese unity or sub-Chinese
Beyond theology: Toward an anthropology of fundamentalism
Once considered exclusively a matter of religion, theology, or scriptural correctness, use of the term fundamentalism has recently undergone metaphorical expansion into other domains and, depending