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Studying pedestrians’ crossing behavior when interacting with automated vehicles using virtual reality
Partially and fully automated vehicles (AVs) are being developed and tested in different countries. These vehicles are being designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate the role of human drivers inExpand
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WEpod WElly in Delft : Pedestrians’ crossing behavior when interacting with automated vehicles using Virtual Reality
Automated vehicles could have many impacts on society [1]. Taking the control of vehicles from human drivers, who by their nature make mistakes, and giving it to automated vehicles (AVs), which areExpand
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Interactions between vulnerable road users and automated vehicles: A synthesis of literature and framework for future research
We propose a theoretical framework which describes the interactions between automated vehicles and road user behavior under different road design conditions. Expand
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Development of a Neural Network Based PV Power Output Prediction Application Using Reduced Features and Tansig Activation Function
This paper attempts to develop PV power output prediction application software. Expand
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Liquefaction potential mapping of the city of Valenzuela, Philippines
The city of Valenzuela in the Philippines has provided several preparedness plans and contingency measures in anticipation of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake, dubbed as the "Big One". In studying theExpand
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of Public Elementary And Secondary School Buildings In District II Of Valenzuela City
Philippines is one of the countries located in the Pacific Ring of Fire that is prone to experiencing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. With this, buildings in Valenzuela City can get affected byExpand
Proposed Angat river water impounding and flood mitigation project
Along the Angat River in Bulacan, central Philippines, three existing dams (Ipo, Bustos, and Angat, dams) is installed which serve different purposes. These dams release huge volume of water, whichExpand